Tasting Menu​

Join us on an edible adventure through a five course, Scandi-inspired

tasting menu, with cocktails and trickery by Smith & Sinclair.

We’ll share with you some of the secrets of our edible adventure, but try not to give it all away – allow us to tantalise and surprise your guests.

We'll be offering a welcome cocktail, wine/drink matched with the menu as a whole and some surprise cocktails along the way!

Northern Lights..

After being welcomed into our Scandinavian dining room, with a balloon snow curtain, guests will enjoy an interactive cocktail inspired by the Northern Lights.


Balloon Burst

The room is filled with scents of bergamot, mandarin and pine, by a group balloon burst.


Diners will be encouraged to follow clues on their foraging map to explore the flavours laid out before them. Canapés create ice breakers and the guests discover the hidden delights of the table.

The dishes

Edible toadstool of chicken liver parfait dipped in cherry gel on pink fir potato stem

Confit potato, onion ash, white onion foam, lovage oil & yoghurt snow

Mackerel tartare w/ fermented gooseberry relish & skyr on charcoal cracker

Pork cheek croquette w/ smoked oyster mayonnaise, gooseberry ketchup & oyster leaf

Two. CURE.

Flavourology divulges a secret curing recipe for diners to take home and try for themselves, while Smith & Sinclair creates a magical vapour to lock in the scent.

The dishes

Beetroot cured salmon tartare w/ fermented watermelon rind, dill & Swedish mustard

'Cure' dressing of caraway aniseed aquavits, orange, mustard & Chardonnay vinegar

Three. CHIME.

Follow Scandinavian folklore – chime the bells to ward off the trolls.
Akavit based colour changing cocktail by mixology wizards Smith & Sinclair.

Four. FEAST.

Swap stories of festive fun from your childhood or more recent time.

Relax, feast and indulge in our decadent main course.

The dishes

Duck breast w/ yeast flake & crispy skin crumble

Confit duck leg stuffed Savoy leaf

Carrot & caraway emulsion

Glögg wine sauce

Carrots roasted in tarragon oil

Hasselback potatoes w/ black garlic & chive butter

Five. SMOKE.

Our fireside inspired dessert is teamed w/ a Smith & Sinclair cocktail classic, the edible candle.

Smoked chocolate, malt & coffee tartlet w/ salted caramel popcorn, frozen yoghurt & pepperkaka meringue shards